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UIG JP at the JPCA Show

From May 31 to June 2, UIGREEN Co., LTD., Wabayashi's Japanese subsidiary, participated in this year's JPCA Show, showcasing the latest needle series products and technologies.


About the JPCA Show


JPCA Show is a comprehensive exhibition of circuit manufacturing, development and research with the participation of the Asian circuit industry. Its purpose is to promote the development of the electronic circuit industry and all related fields by providing technical information and related solutions through product demonstrations.


UIG JP main exhibits and technical solutions

At this exhibition, UIG JP showcased the company's latest needle series products and technologies, including:

•Wire Probe Special
•Customized Wire Probe
•Curved Pin
•Customized Pin



Products with high quality, high performance and high reliability:
•Excellent contact integrity
•Superb carrying current
•Life performance

•Scalability to address the most demanding pitch requirement


Can be used in many fields:
•IC packaged boards
•Semiconductor wafer
•Power supply equipment
•Wire connector
•Space transformer
•Direct attached

•LED chip probe


Through this exhibition, UIG JP showed the latest needle series products and technologies, learned the latest information of the industry, exchanged ideas and experience with enterprises and partners from various regions, and found new market opportunities and potential customers, providing new impetus and support for future development.


UIGreen website:

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